Understanding The Blockchain Ecosystem From The Ground Up


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Author: Mihai Avram | Date: 12/08/2020

There is no doubt about it that Blockchain has started exploding both as a topic and technology for a few years now. Maybe you are a professional who simply has seen the word blockchain too many times and want to learn it once and for all. Or maybe you are a blockchain enthusiast who wants to dive in deeper in understanding the internals of the blockchain ecosystem. In both cases, you came to the right article place!

Here we will cover:

  • How blockchain technology works
  • What blockchain is used for and what industries use it
  • What programming languages to use to build a blockchain
  • What are the leading providers of blockchain technologies
  • How to build a blockchain from the ground up (with code)
  • How to learn more about blockchain

If you want to learn any of these notions then keep reading!

What is Blockchain…

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